The cost depends on several parameters like:

  • Number of websites (More websites, more discount).
  • Number of records (More records, more discount).
  • Number of depth level, we have to go to extract the desired data.
  • Website’s structure, HTML/Flash/Javascript/Ajax/Java Applet
  • If website blocks the IPs
  • If it asks for CAPTCHA verification.
  • How fast the site responds.
Very Simple

  • Step-1: You suggest us a website, from where we are required to extract the data.
  • Step-2: Analysis by our expert team members. Best quote and Time frame.
  • Step-3: Approval by client to start the project.
  • Step-4: Project start; extract desired data, data formatting, cleaning, quality check.
  • Step-5: Final output data delivery & feedback from client.
  • Step-6: Process for Payment/Invoice & finish the project.

It again depends on above defined parameters.

Yes. We often deal with confidential and sensitive information. And hence, we are always ready to sign the NDA or Confidentiality documents.

Yes, we can extract the product data, images and pricings from the sites you suggest us.

Yes. We can schedule the process on our servers and extract the data on the schedule you suggest us. And deliver the final output, via email or FTP.

We can deliver the output in the format you suggest us:

  • Excel spreadsheet.
  • JSON.
  • CSV (comma delimited values).
  • TSV (tab delimited values).
  • XML.
  • TXT.
  • MySQL.
  • MS-Access.
  • MSSQL.



100% Confidentiality — All requirements and information provided by clients will be confidential and strictly the property of the client.
Neither the company nor its staff will disclose any information about the project to any third party without the prior consent of an executive officer of the client.

Yes. Extracting the data from publicly available sources on the web is legal.

The payment can be submitted after the project completion. It is 100% risk free.
We accept the payment via PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and Western Union.

If you would like to know more about our web scraping & data extraction services, please e-mail us on [email protected] or fill the form below.