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Tell us what data you need from which websites and we will gather, clean and deliver it.

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Products, Pricing and Reviews

Scrape product prices, availability, reviews, inventory from e-Commerce websites. Monitor your distribution chain, analyze customer reviews and enhance your products to increase sales..
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Social Media Data

Gather data from social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Collect historical data or get alerts from these sites. Monitor your reach and measure productiveness of your campaigns..
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Sales Leads

Get fresh sales leads pertinent to your business from business directories, enrich the data with emails, phone numbers and social media profiles for your sales or marketing campaigns.
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News, Blogs and Web Content

Extract and Scrape news data and web content by using our web crawling service and build news aggregators, event aggregators and centralised job portals using data from the Wide Web.
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We already had done works

See our work below and contact us to get more details about projects.

Why choose us

Ready to use data according to the requirements.
Export data in any format like CSV, JSON, XML, MYSQL.
Perform complex data transformations.
Risk-Free, 100% money-back guarantee policy.

Our Skills

Data Mining100%
Web Scraping100%
Data Extraction100%
Web Crawling100%
Big DataHIGH

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Submit Requirement

Submit the following information to get started:
● Sites to crawl.
● Fields to be extracted.
● Desired frequency of such crawls.
Step 2

Receive sample data

In this step according to the specified requirement, we’ll provide the sample data by setting up the crawler. You need to validate the data and the data fields present in the sample file.
Step 3

Crawler Finalization

In the third step, we’ll finalize the crawler setup to proceed with the web scraping project and upload the data.
Step 4

Data Access

Finally, you’ll download the data either directly from CrawlBoard or via our API in XML, JSON, XLSX, CSV… format. Data can also be uploaded to your Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP account or sent directly to your Email via attachments.


Seller was responsive, understood project requirements right away and sent a sample file to make sure we were on the same page before quoting work. Completed project ahead of schedule.
nmwilli99- CEO
scraping.page was excellent to work with. He asked about my project requirements, was very upfront about pricing, asked questions during the process, and delivered just as expected. I will and am looking forward to working with him again soon.
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dbeisel- Designer
Delivered way ahead of schedule. Great Communicator. Delivered everything AND more. Will be using again. THANK YOU!
staceyarbetter- Manager